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25 Nov

Retreat time!

Hosted by: Hartig Yoga

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About The Retreat Sometimes life gets so busy, that we forget who we are. Who we are beneath all of the roles we have in life. This retreat is for anybody that just needs to take some time out of daily life, and get back to nature, and back to themselves. It will be a perfect opportunity to retreat, reconnect (to self, nature and others) and remember who you are, away from all of the busyness of day to day life. You will be amazed and how different you will feel after 4 days in this amazing space. All classes will be Beginner-Intermediate level (different options will be given to suit your body). This is a retreat for YOU, so you decide. This will be a beautiful chance for you to dive deeper into your yoga and meditation practice, in a pristine natural environment with the support of experienced and passionate teachers.


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